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Post-COVID Resilience Value

Business Continuity & Operational Resilience – Is it the same? Part 2

Business Continuity & Operational Resilience – Is it the same? Part 2 PreparedEx recently collaborated with The Resilience Think Tank members to share our article on business continuity’s value. In this two-part series, Andreas Bryant and I provided our perspective on how operational resilience and business continuity may soon intersect. In Part 1, we offered

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Across the Pond: Is being a woman in resilience any different? Part 2 of 2

Across the Pond: Is being a woman in resilience any different? Part 2 of 2 Have you ever wondered if the experience of your fellow women in resilience across the pond differs from yours? Does working in the Public and or Private sector mean different experiences? Are we just the same woman, having the same

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Women in Resilience Leadership

How I got my start in resilience Women in resilience leadership need increased recognition. Many of you have asked me how I got into business continuity. Like others, I never thought of this as a career in school. Instead, I saw an opportunity to do good and jumped at the chance to impact people’s lives

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Resilience Think Tank Launched

Resilience Think Tank Launched I am excited to announce the Resilience Think Tank launch. Earlier this year, I was honored to be included by Mark Hoffman, MBCI, CBCP, in a thought leader group with James Green, Lisa Jones, CBCP, MBCI, Andreas Bryant, MBCI, and Milena Maneva. While considering the importance of Business Continuity practitioners and resilience,

September 11 World Trade Center Tribute

Twenty Years Post-September 11: A Personal Resilience Journey

A different kind of blog Twenty years post-September 11: a personal resilience journey is a different blog than I usually share. Many will be marking today with anniversary events. Others will memorialize it with a tribute to those fallen or injured in the September 11 Attacks. Today is highly personal, but I am aware that

Crisis Resilience

A Customer Focus Means Enhanced Resilience

Operational resilience enhances interoperability A customer focus means enhanced resilience as it shifts our mindset from individual disciplines to a collaborative approach. I am using the term interoperability beyond a digital lens to encompass an operational systems perspective. This shift is vital as realizing organizational resilience is not viable without a common goal. Simply, you

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Top 10 Scary Statistics for Small Business Disaster Planning

It’s Here…My Halloween Blog! It’s the Halloween blog. The reason why I love blogs with lists is that they somehow manage to identify all the awful, scary, and downright shocking facts about a topic! So, this is the perfect time of year to share statistics I discovered about business continuity planning and small businesses. The

Disaster Empire
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