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Ashley Goosman


Ashley Goosman standing in front of a brick wall wearing suit

Welcome! Knowledge becomes more powerful when you share it. I specialize in speaking, training, and educating about disaster resilience.

Disaster Empire is a forum for Resilience Professionals. The disaster community is under-served regarding preparedness, response, and recovery connectedness. I am passionate about helping us achieve greater resilience to serve communities worldwide impacted by disaster events.

My goal is to develop a knowledge base to mitigate the impact of disasters. So much good work is going on to combat the adverse effects of global crises, but not enough of us know about them. I started Disaster Empire to educate and share it with the people who can use it to make a difference–you and others like you.

This site features content about various aspects of resilience, including my experiences as a thought leader. I started Disaster Empire as a blog to pay it forward, inspired by the Empire State after my experience working for the Red Cross in NYC after 9/11. I have nearly 20 years of experience working in government, public, NGO, and corporate organizations.

Disaster Empire
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