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Corporate Unified Incident Response
crisis management

Modern Crisis Management in Corporations

Crisis management after COVID Modern crisis management in corporations should leverage the existing leadership structure. Lessons learned in crisis management during COVID indicate that the …

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Beyond Incident Command System
crisis management

Evolving Crisis Management Post-Covid-19

Continuity Insights webinar I had the honor of joining Don Grennan from Continuity Insights to speak about evolving crisis management post-COVID-19. Webinar Overview: The primary …

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Disaster Planning With Customers
Business Continuity Management

How To Increase Participation In BCM Programs

Fear incapacitates – demystify BCM Here are four ideas about how to increase participation in BCM programs. Picking up on a theme I shared in …

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Crisis Resilience

A Customer Focus Means Enhanced Resilience

Operational resilience enhances interoperability A customer focus means enhanced resilience as it shifts our mindset from individual disciplines to a collaborative approach. I am using …

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Business During COVID

Emergency Return To Work During COVID

Returning employees to offices during COVID Emergency return to work during COVID is a challenging proposition. Many of you shared having employees working in offices …

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Business Continuity Customer Focus
business continuity

Future Business Continuity is Customer-Centric

Customers are our Northstar The future of business continuity is customer-centric. Moving forward, we need to embrace a customer focus as our guiding star. I …

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