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Starting off the New Year right!

Welcome to Disaster Empire’s 2023 Podcast Extravaganza! This year has been phenomenal, thanks to your unwavering support since our Fall 2022 launch. In this blog, we’ll unravel the top five Disaster Empire Podcasts chosen by you, our valued viewers.

From business resilience to crisis management, our curated list encapsulates the spirit of 2023. But before we dive into your favorites, let’s rewind to our roots—a passion project initiated in February 2019. Since then, Disaster Empire has evolved into a dynamic hub for industry insights, with a special nod to our inaugural podcast guest, Michele Turner. In the following paragraphs, we’ll explore the highlights of our journey, the launch of Disaster Empire Quick Views, and the profound discussions fueled by our exceptional guests. So, buckle up for a riveting ride through the best podcasts of the year and a celebration of our resilient community.

Describing the Podcasts

Disaster Empire Quick Views Overview

We are presenting our curated selection of the top five Disaster Empire podcasts this year! As we journey through 2023, your support has fueled the channel’s growth since its Fall 2022 launch. From its humble beginnings as a passion project, the blog has evolved into a platform offering profound insights into our industry. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has backed our YouTube channel, starting with the exceptional Michele Turner, my first guest.

In case you missed it, I delved into the essence of What Disaster Empire Quick Views Is and shared my vision for launching the podcast. Above all, I thank the incredible guests who joined me, trusting and contributing their expertise to our conversations—ultimately fulfilling the core purpose. When I initiated this blog in February 2019, I aimed to amplify peers’ voices in our industry. This channel was conceived to share my insights, and now, with the launch of the Quick Views series, it provides another avenue for you to witness and hear from Thought Leaders in resilience. Thank you for being part of this journey! 

Describing the Podcast

Quick Views Vision

So, you asked about Disaster Empire Quick Views—a visionary addition to our podcast lineup. Launched to provide deeper insights into business resilience, risk management, and crisis communication, Quick Views aligns with our evolving mission.

In essence, Quick Views offers a dynamic vision for the future, ensuring that Disaster Empire remains at the forefront of industry discourse. We bring you conversations directly from industry practitioners and product suppliers. This podcast series aims to deliver quick, impactful discussions, further enriching your understanding of critical topics in business continuity. Explore the vision behind the podcast and join us on this continuous learning and exploration journey.

Most Popular Podcasts This Year

The Top Five Disaster Empire Podcasts of 2023

So, let’s get into it. By now, we hope you’re as eager to review the top five podcasts as we are. Without further adieu, here is the full podcast, by most significant number of views, as chosen by the viewers:

  1. Resilient & Strategic Corporate Crisis Management w/Novartis’ Brendan MonahanMy discussion with Brendan reviews his book, Strategic Corporate Management, along with his views on resilience.
  2. Eliminating Business Continuity Plans With Mark ArmourMark explains more about Adaptive Business Continuity and how it could streamline your process. It’s his second time on the channel. Catch our first conversation here.
  3. BlackBerry’s Resilient Crisis Management Platform w/trainer Andy AxelsonAndy introduces viewers to BlackBerry’s AtHoc critical platform and how it supports government critical event management
  4. Building Professional Skills for Resilience w/Unum AVP Jeff Sheckley – Jeff shares his insights on how he’s made a world-class program at Unum and his strategies for developing his team. 
  5. Continuity & Resilience From India with Harsha Sastry – Viewers were interested in this topic as Harsha introduced his new book, The Continuity Moment Insight – The Catalyst in Your Resilience Journey, and shared his industry insights.

Guests joined from Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Canada, the UK, and the United States. Experts shared innovative new products, like Reskube for remote work recovery and IMPaCT‘s AI chat connecting law enforcement on real-time cases. We discussed crisis management, emergency response, the importance of diversity in emergency planning, and the evolution of business continuity management. Uniquely, you hear directly from professionals working in the field or consultants and vendors working to support us. We hope you’ll check out these and all of the episodes. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss any new content!

Viewer Thank You

Gratitude for our Podcast Guests

A heartfelt shoutout to our remarkable podcast guests, who have enriched our discussions with invaluable expertise. Their trust and collaboration have elevated Disaster Empire to new heights, making each episode a beacon of resilience.

These thought leaders in business continuity, risk management, and crisis communication deserve special recognition. We’re grateful for their plunge into insightful conversations, shaping a podcast series that resonates with our community’s quest for knowledge. The Disaster Empire community sincerely thanks each guest for contributing to our understanding of industry challenges and solutions.

Sharing Insights with Peers

Providing a Voice to Industry Peers

From its inception in February 2019, Disaster Empire aimed to amplify the voices of industry peers. Initially a solo endeavor to share insights, the blog has grown into a vibrant platform where thought leaders collaborate and share their expertise on resilience.

Today, Disaster Empire stands as a testament to the mission — giving a voice to our industry peers. The launch of Quick Views has expanded this endeavor, providing an additional avenue for you to hear from thought leaders in business continuity, risk management, and crisis communication. Our commitment remains strong: fostering a community where diverse voices converge, enriching our collective understanding, and contributing to the narrative of resilience.

Blog Success 2024

Full Steam Ahead into 2024

In conclusion, these top five Disaster Empire Podcasts of 2023 embody the essence of resilience. Each episode, chosen by our viewers, contributes to a collective understanding of business continuity, risk management, and crisis communication. This blog is not just a list; it’s a celebration of our community, a tribute to the incredible content that has shaped our narrative, and an invitation for you to explore, engage, and be part of the ongoing conversation.

As we wrap up this journey, we thank our community, guests, and everyone who has supported Disaster Empire. Join us in exploring these insightful podcasts, and let’s continue to engage, learn, and evolve together in industry resilience.

Audience Do Your Part

Are you Ready to do Your Part?

Ready to dive into the world of resilience? Share your thoughts on the top 5 Disaster Empire Podcasts. Subscribe, comment, and join our community in exploring business continuity, risk management, and crisis communication. Your engagement is crucial in shaping the ongoing narrative of our industry. Most of all, keep watching or listening in. 

Connect with us on social media to stay updated on the latest insights. Explore the recommended podcasts and be part of the ongoing conversation. Your voice matters as we collectively navigate the challenges and triumphs in the dynamic landscape of business resilience. Engage, learn, and grow with Disaster Empire. Also, if you missed last year’s recap, you can check it out here: Top 5 Disaster Empire Podcasts. It’s a great way to catch up on episodes to date.

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