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Gratitude for My Audience

The viewers have decided!

Below is my list of the top 5 Disaster Empire podcasts over the last year. You chose the list of the viewers who have supported the channel since its launch this Fall. What started as a labor of love is growing and developing into a way to provide deeper insight into our industry. I am so grateful to all of you who supported the YouTube channel, starting with my first guest, the incomparable Michele Turner

If you missed it, I talked about What Disaster Empire Quick Views Is and my vision for starting the podcast. Above all, I am thankful for the amazing guests who have taken the plunge with me, trusted me, and brought their expertise to our discussions. And that is the point. When I started the blog in February 2019, I wanted to give a voice to peers in our industry. So, this channel was created to share my insights. The launch of Quick Views provides another avenue to see and hear Thought Leaders in resilience. 

Podcast with Rescue Dave

How the top five list came to be

For me, it’s impossible to decide which of my guests was “better” to interview than the others. So, I left it up to the audience based on the total number of views on the YouTube channel Disaster Empire. Each Quick Views podcast is memorable to me and represents early mornings or evenings talking to people across the globe. Each time, I am honored that someone shows faith in me and is willing to share their insights with all of you. 

The greatest challenge I’ve found so far is to keep the discussions brief because I could talk all day to each person. There’s so much to learn from each other and share! I’ll end 2022 with sixteen amazing conversations. Look for my podcast with the International Crisis Management Conference‘s (ICMC) own Rob Burton to drop on December 15th. We’re focusing on crisis management and resilience. 

And because “Rescue” Dave Greenberg‘s podcast won’t drop until after this blog gets published, I also wanted to give him a special shoutout. Please check out his Quick Views session when it goes live on December 22nd. We all have limited time, but I hope you’ll watch or listen to his podcast and others. 

Top 5 Quick Views Podcast

The big reveal

So, who made the Top 5 Disaster Empire podcasts list? Check out the list below to find out! Of course, this is all fun because each guest is impressive, and their podcast deserves a watch. If you haven’t caught all of them yet, I hope this list will be a starting point for you. 

YouTube Channel Disaster Empire Quick Views

Disaster Empire Quick Views Top 5!

Podcasts, in order of the most views since September:

  1. Adaptive BCP & Resilience with Mark Armour – Mark’s discussion about Adaptive Business Continuity is at the top of the heap. You are all interested in this alternative way to conduct BCM. Check out the Adaptive BC website or the book here. Thank you, Mark, for an engaging conversation.
  2. The Future of Resilience Professionals with Dianne Stephens – Next is a podcast close to my heart because Dianne and I have co-chaired the Business Continuity Resilience Insurance Network (BCRIN) for the past year. Dianne is always a treat to listen to, and I learn something new each time. If you’d like to join BCRIN, message us through LinkedIn. Also, catch our presentation at the Continuity Insights Conference in April 2023.
  3. Building A Resiliency Culture with Erick AnezErik is a joy to talk to, bringing a fresh perspective to all aspects of our work. I suggest you check out his next presentation if you get the opportunity.
  4. Short Stories of Continuity & Resilience with Michele Turner – I asked Michele to discuss her book, Lessons Learned: Short Stories of Continuity and Resilience. But we also spoke about her industry experience. I suggest you follow Michele if you aren’t already because she always shares relevant insights.
  5. Fusion’s Resilience & Industry Networking Meetings with Jonathan Hartmann – Jonathan was gracious enough to chat with me while on the road. Who doesn’t know Fusion Risk Management in our industry? Hartmann came on to talk about the industry round tables they’ve launched for anyone in the resilience space to join. Meaning you don’t need to be a user of their software. Check out Fusion’s events page if you want to join a roundtable. 
Disaster Empire YouTube Channel Subscriber

But, there's so many more

Besides the list I shared, there are eleven other conversations this year. Each one is full of discoveries about all aspects of our field. If you’d like to get an insider’s view into how other professionals view the work or successes they’ve shared, follow the channel. Experts in continuity, risk, security, first responders, emergency managers, and vendors are all featured on the podcast. 

Additionally, I have a fantastic lineup on deck for January. So, subscribe to the channel and like the content to ensure you don’t miss a podcast episode. It lets me know you’re appreciating the content and helps support the channel. You can also sign up for my newsletter. And, keep engaging because I will be adding valuable content in 2023. 

Disaster Empire is a forum for Resilience Professionals. The disaster community is under-served regarding preparedness, response, and recovery connectedness. I am passionate about helping us achieve greater resilience to serve communities worldwide impacted by disaster events.

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