Business Resilience and Thanksgiving: A Recipe for Success

Business Resilience and Thanksgiving Alignment

Is the Turkey Done Yet?

In the business world, resilience is a quality that can be compared to the heartwarming traditions of Thanksgiving. Just as Thanksgiving brings families together to celebrate and give thanks, business resilience allows companies to weather storms, adapt to change, and thrive in adversity. This blog will explore the similarities between business resilience and Thanksgiving and how they are crucial in achieving success.

Thankfully, we enjoy trying to tie our work to the holidays in the spirit of fun. Last month, I shared how the subject doesn’t have to be daunting with Operational Resilience: Unmasking the Secrets Behind a Scarily Effective Strategy. And if you remember, last year, we celebrated the holiday with the blog Top 3 Things I Am Thankful For That Combat Disasters. Let’s sprinkle a little holiday cheer and lightheartedness into your day. Join us as we dive headfirst into the festive spirit with this blog!

Preparation is Key to Resilience

How to Set the Resilience Table

So, here’s how Business Resilience and Thanksgiving have similarities. Resilience in business is a growing regulatory expectation, as is an increasing expectation of Boards of Directors and senior management. They understand that success in today’s competitive market means employing resilient business strategies and business adaptability. Next, we are sharing ways in which you can align resilience programs with our season of gratitude.

Preparing a Winning Program

The Importance of Preparation

Undoubtedly, Thanksgiving and business resilience both start with preparation. Just as a Thanksgiving feast requires planning, shopping, and cooking, businesses must prepare for unforeseen challenges. Companies need to be ready, and today, that includes a focus on increased risk vigilance and preparedness. Therefore, developing contingency plans, investing in technology, and building strong leadership teams are all forms of preparation that enhance a company’s resilience.

Flexibility is Crucial to Building Resilience


Sometimes, Thanksgiving menus may need to adapt to accommodate dietary restrictions or preferences, just as businesses must adapt to changing market conditions. It follows that pivoting and adjusting your strategies in response to new challenges is a crucial aspect of resilience. Just as a chef might create a new dish on the spot, businesses can innovate to stay competitive. Naturally, your resilience programs and planning will change over time.

Resilience Develops Agility

Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Thanksgiving is a time to unite and support one another, just as businesses must rally their teams during tough times. Resilience in business means facing challenges head-on, recovering from setbacks, and helping employees through difficult periods. Like a family that comes together during a crisis, a resilient company can emerge stronger after adversity. It helps build the preparedness, response, and recovery capacity of business units and employees. Additionally, it leads to an increased understanding of risk to mitigate the negative impacts of events.

Business Resilience Enterprise wide

Collaboration and Teamwork

 Next, Thanksgiving dinners often involve contributions from multiple family members, showcasing the power of teamwork. In business, collaboration and a cohesive team are essential for resilience. Employees working together and supporting one another can help a company overcome obstacles and reach its goals. This approach highlights the importance of building a business resilience framework. Additionally, a resilience approach requires often siloed disciplines such as risk management, security, IT, and business continuity or disaster recovery to work together. 

Humility In Crisis Events

Gratitude and Appreciation

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and appreciation for the blessings in our lives. Similarly, businesses that practice gratitude and appreciation for their customers, employees, and partners are more likely to build strong relationships amid challenges. A grateful company is often more resilient, as it can draw on the goodwill it has fostered. Adopting corporate resilience strategies enhances everyone’s overall resilience in the workplace. In the future, customers expect companies to demonstrate that they’ve embraced top-notch business resilience practices for reliable service delivery.

Future Resilience Builds on Past Practices

Long-Term Vision

Finally, Thanksgiving is a yearly tradition, and businesses should have a long-term vision. Resilience is not just about surviving the present; it’s about preparing for the future. As Thanksgiving hosts plan for future gatherings, businesses should invest in strategies and innovations to ensure long-term success. Companies that plan for future crises and understand threats and trends from year to year are better prepared to weather adverse events.

Business Resilience Final Thoughts

Here's the Pumpkin Pie for Desert

See, Thanksgiving and Resilience do have things in common! Businesses can learn valuable lessons about resilience in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Like the family that comes together to celebrate and give thanks, resilient companies are better equipped to face challenges and uncertainties. By preparing, adapting, collaborating, and appreciating their stakeholders, businesses can achieve long-term success and create a culture of resilience. This Thanksgiving, let’s remember the importance of gratitude, preparation, and adaptability in our business endeavors, as they are the critical ingredients for a prosperous and resilient future.

At Disaster Empire, our hearts overflow with gratitude for every one of you. May your Thanksgiving be filled with joy, surrounded by cherished friends and family.

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