A Crisis Management Conference’s Value

Attending the International Crisis Management Conference

This Year's ICMC

A crisis management conference’s value is in the speakers and format provided by the host organization. In June, the 8th Annual International Crisis Management Conference (ICMC) occurred in Newport, Rhode Island. The conference provided a range of topics and perspectives from varying disciplines within the realm of crisis management. It provided professionals with the ability to immerse themselves in a variety of subjects.

ICMC is the only venue in the industry that focuses on the needs of crisis and emergency management practitioners. Although other events, like the upcoming DRJ Fall 2023, offer various crisis-focused presentations, Rob Burton’s offering is the only one that gives response managers their due. On day one, the conference provided nine speakers with different subjects–from lessons learned from actual events to crisis communications. But, even though the discussions varied, each talk honed in on the challenges and skills of interest to crisis managers.

Emergency Management Conference

Crisis Manager's Focus Today

Today, crisis managers must be concerned about the rapid dissemination of information and its potential impact on public perception. With the rise of social media and instant news-sharing platforms, crises can quickly go viral and spread across the globe within minutes. This poses a significant challenge for crisis managers as they must be prepared to respond swiftly and effectively to mitigate the adverse effects of an unfolding crisis. The speed at which information travels also means that crisis managers must constantly monitor and analyze online conversations, trends, and public sentiment to avoid potential reputational damage or further escalation.

Additionally, crisis managers need to be aware of the evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats. As technology advances, so do malicious actors’ methods and capabilities. Cyber attacks can disrupt operations, compromise sensitive data, and tarnish an organization’s reputation. Crisis managers must stay updated on the latest cybersecurity threats, implement robust security measures, and have a well-defined response plan to address potential breaches or incidents. They must also ensure that employees are adequately trained in cybersecurity best practices to prevent human error from becoming vulnerable. By proactively addressing cybersecurity risks, crisis managers can help safeguard their organizations from potential crises from data breaches or cyber-attacks. Of course, there are a variety of other hazard types that can engender the need for crisis response.

Crisis Response Team

Why a Crisis Conference is Valuable

A crisis management conference holds immense value for professionals in the field as it provides a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and professional development. Firstly, such conferences bring together experts, practitioners, and thought leaders from various industries and sectors. Attendees can gain insights into best practices, emerging trends, and innovative strategies through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops. This exchange of knowledge and experiences equips crisis managers with valuable tools and techniques to effectively navigate and mitigate crises.

Secondly, crisis management conferences offer exceptional networking opportunities. Connecting with peers, industry leaders, and service providers allows crisis managers to establish relationships that can prove instrumental in times of crisis. These connections can provide access to resources, expertise, and support networks that greatly enhance crisis management capabilities. Furthermore, conferences often feature exhibition areas where vendors showcase the latest technologies, solutions, and services relevant to crisis management. Engaging with these vendors can help crisis managers identify and implement tools that streamline their crisis response processes and improve overall preparedness. 

Crisis Managers Forum

The Advantage of ICMC

ICMC provides this opportunity in a focused setting, enabling networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities. As it is the only forum dedicated to response managers, it has the added designation of being able to cater to the profession’s needs. Rob Burton and his team started the gathering just under ten years ago. And so far, they have not disappointed. 

Although I did not have the opportunity to attend each year, I have taken training, spoken, and engaged with them over the years. They are doing an excellent job of keeping up with trends and continue providing offerings aligned with industry trends. This indicates that the conference will only continue to grow with time as more managers become aware of it. As the threat of polycrisis events increases and cyber-attacks rise in our post-COVID world, we need ways to connect and benchmark as never before. ICMC is a way to do that through the conference and its member site

Crisis Conference Benefits

Reasons for Conference Attendance

Attending a crisis management conference can provide several valuable benefits for a crisis manager. Here are some key gains they can expect:

  1. Knowledge and Insights: Conferences bring together industry experts, thought leaders, and experienced practitioners who share their expertise and insights through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops. Crisis managers can gain access to the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in crisis management. They can learn about successful case studies, innovative approaches, and lessons learned from real-world crises. 

  2. Networking Opportunities: Conferences serve as a hub for professionals in the crisis management field. Attending allows crisis managers to connect with peers, industry leaders, and subject matter experts. These networking opportunities enable them to build relationships, exchange ideas, and collaborate with like-minded professionals. 

  3. Professional Development: Many conferences offer training sessions, workshops, and certifications specifically designed to enhance the skills and competencies of crisis managers. These opportunities can help refine their crisis management capabilities, develop new skills, and earn recognized credentials. Attending conferences demonstrates a commitment to professional growth and can enhance their credibility within the field. 

  4. Exposure to New Tools and Technologies: Conferences often feature exhibition areas where vendors showcase the latest tools, technologies, and solutions related to crisis management. By exploring these exhibits, crisis managers can discover innovative software, communication platforms, data analytics tools, or risk assessment technologies that can streamline their crisis management processes. 

These benefits can significantly contribute to their expertise, preparedness, and effectiveness in managing crises.

Next Year's ICMC

Kudos to the ICMC & I can't wait for 2024

In summary, a crisis management conference facilitates knowledge exchange, fosters professional relationships, and exposes crisis managers to cutting-edge solutions, ultimately enhancing their skills, preparedness, and effectiveness in managing crises. This year’s International Crisis Management Conference did not disappoint. It was the symposium I most looked forward to this year.

Not only was I honored to be the keynote speaker, but I was part of a top-notch group that included topics as varied as crisis communications, the future of disaster recovery, and the importance of public-private partnerships. I am confident that Rob Burton’s team will offer a fantastic conference next year. So, if you are not directly involved in the crisis management work of your company, I encourage you to attend to learn more. And, if you are in-role, you should consider how a crisis management conference’s value will increase your program’s effectiveness.

To learn more about an ICMC membership, go here.

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  1. Great write up Ashley! I attended this year’s event and I can echo your thoughts completely! Rare is it that conferences “hit the target” for the audience, AND which also provide great networking opportunities as well as a great venue! Well done Rob and Team, I am also looking forward to 2024!

  2. Denita Adkins Crum

    Great write up Ashley and I couldn’t agree more. Thoroughly enjoyed the conference and hope to attend future events as well.

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