Evolving Crisis Management Post-Covid-19

Continuity Insights webinar

I had the honor of joining Don Grennan from Continuity Insights to speak about evolving crisis management post-COVID-19. 

Webinar Overview:

The primary focus of crisis management is implementing a process by which businesses limit damage and respond to incidents. Although many organizations had crisis or pandemic plans in place before the pandemic hit, many have recognized that they fell short of their intended goals. Post-COVID, many of us are re-examining crisis response.

Join Continuity Insights and Ashley Goosman of Disaster Empire as she discusses helpful changes, chief among them, taking a collaborative approach across your organization to share intel, prepare, and respond to events. By taking a cross-functional approach that breaks down silos, you not only build a more effective crisis team but mitigate crisis impacts. It also includes adding non-traditional team members from enterprise risk, business representatives, and corporate administrative groups.

A key element of future crisis teams is understanding risk across the enterprise, enabling companies to be better prepared for any threat. Another is to move beyond the ICS model and leverage a resilience framework that incorporates a customer and employee-centric focus approach.

Continuity Insights

Continuity Insights is an essential information-sharing resource for business continuity professionals. They offer industry news, a webinar series, host events, videos, and other resources for business continuity resilience professionals. Check out their website to learn more. 

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