Operational Resilience Webinar

Operational Resilience Webinar

A few weeks ago, I participated in an Operational Resilience webinar. So, I had the pleasure of joining a panel with two of my Resilience Think Tank co-founders, Mark Hoffman and Lisa Jones. Clear Risk, a growing leader in risk management software, hosted our panel discussion. Below, I invite you to watch the replay if you missed the live session.

Operational Resilience: The Relationship between Risk and Resilience

ClearRisk invites you to explore the topic of Operational Resilience in this extra special webinar session, featuring the three co-founders of the Resilience Think Tank. Don’t miss out on this panel of globally renowned, award-winning industry leaders in business continuity, risk, Resilience, and crisis management.

Join this event for:

  • An introduction for risk and financial leaders on how Business Continuity Management is evolving towards Resilience.
  • An open conversation on how Risk Management and Resilience can support each other
  • Tips on leveraging already available information to maximize value to your organization.
Operational Resilience Service Mapping

Operational and Organizational Resilience

Next, I am adding links to additional resources on resilience. It’s a hot topic that many of us are considering. I encourage you to check out my recent blog Organizational Vs. Operational Resilience. You might also appreciate my Resilience Series, starting with The Road to Resilience. Finally, A Customer Focus Means Enhanced Resilience focuses on the shift in mindset.

And, I collaborated with another Resilience Think Tank founder, Andreas Bryant. We did a two-part series exploring the intersections between business continuity and operational resilience:

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the future of resilience so leave your comments below. 

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