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Resilience Series – Vision

Part 2 of the Road to Resilience Series Road to resilience series – vision Following up on the first installment of the Road to Resilience series – Vision, this entry will get you started on creating a program. As we move into the New Year, now is the time to reflect, recharge, and set a

Resilience Program Series

The Road to Resilience

Part 1 of the Road to Resilience Series Resilience Map of the Future The road to resilience for business continuity is one we are already traveling on. In this series, I am laying a foundation for what the business continuity program could be. I hope you will join me on this journey to explore the

Resilience Program 2022
Business Continuity Management

What To Expect Next Year In 2022

2021 reflections at the close of the year For Business Continuity Management, here’s what to expect next year in 2022. Does anyone else feel like 2021 flew? Not only did we have an ongoing COVID-19 response, but like me, you may have responded to manmade and natural disasters across the globe. This year stretched the

Diverse Disaster Management Strength
Cultural Disaster Preparedness

Diversity in Disaster Management

Inspired by my colleagues The importance of diversity in disaster management is vital to future emergency response. I recently listened to my colleague Mark Hoffman‘s The Resilient Journey podcast Episode 13 – Racial Inequity in Resilience (Part 1) with Vince Davis. After listening, I revisited former Disaster Empire post blogs, one being Cultural Awareness In

Individual departments as one crisis team
crisis management

Crisis Management is a Team Sport

Crisis Management as a collaborative effort Now more than ever, crisis management is a team sport. Gone are the days when one division or emergency team could manage a major event on its own. What has emerged from COVID is that it takes an aligned organization to overcome a crisis. Most current crisis management literature

Resilience Future
Business Continuity Management

Time to be Thankful

Let’s put a good close on 2021 This year has been challenging for many, but it is essential to take time to be thankful. Regardless of our professional or personal ups and downs, we made it through another year. The outlook for business continuity is bright going into 2022. We have made strides to show

Building Resilience
Business Continuity Management

Are You Ready To Build Back Better?

The endemic is on the horizon When the COVID-19 pandemic reaches the endemic phase, are you ready to build back better? Many business continuity professionals are working tirelessly to respond to the OSHA ETS released on November 5th. Of course, we also continue to monitor the latest developments across the globe. As of this week,

Business Impact Analysis From Anywhere
Business Continuity Management

How New Normal Will Change BIAs

Business Impact Analysis evolution This time around, I am focusing on how the new normal will change BIAs. You know the Business Impact Analysis (BIA), the pillar of the planning process to build a continuity plan. We have so many lessons learned from the pandemic that I am sure we will be sharing the learnings

Business Continuity Risk Assessment Value
Business Continuity Management

Why Risk Assessments Are Business Continuity Critical

The importance of risk assessments In this blog, I share why risk assessments are business continuity critical. I recently spoke to a colleague I respect highly about the essential aspects of business continuity. We started to talk about how each of us viewed assets as they related to risk management. From her perspective, assets are

BC Value Article Part 1

Business Continuity & Operational Resilience – Is it the same? Part 1

Business Continuity & Operational Resilience – Is it the same? Part 1 PreparedEx recently collaborated with The Resilience Think Tank members to share our article on business continuity’s value. In this two-part series, Andreas Bryant and I provided our perspective on how operational resilience and business continuity may soon intersect. In part one, we offered

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