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It's The Second Year of the Video Podcast

Last week, I gave you an overview of the Top Three Blogs, and this time around, I am sharing the Top Three Podcasts of 2023. I have been a YouTube watcher for years, having given up cable some time ago. However, I never thought I would host a channel on the platform. It’s been a journey. Truly, I have limited downtime these days, but I wanted to reinforce my commitment to showcasing innovators and thought leaders in our Resilience industry.

Blogging is a solitary activity, so I wanted to spotlight colleagues and vendors in our industry doing amazing things. It was also important to me that you would see and hear from them, as we rarely converse outside of conferences. Plus, there are so many amazing individuals in our field, and I wanted to provide a venue for you to get to know them in a way you can’t from a presentation or panel discussion.

Interview with Brendan Monahan

Resilient & Strategic Corporate Crisis Management

My podcast with Brendan Monahan, Resilient & Strategic Corporate Crisis Management, was a big hit with the YouTube audience. I chatted with Brendan about his book, Strategic Corporate Crisis Management, and its inspiration. Additionally, we talked about his career and insights into industry trends. He has a background in security intelligence and brought his knowledge base to crisis response.

I rarely bookmark pages in a book I read. While finishing the book on a trip recently, I folded multiple corners to refer back to. Most of the ideas presented are not entirely but validated my emerging thinking. Brenden brings a fresh and in-depth take on how today’s crisis leaders can best support their corporations. Additionally, he stresses the importance of building a meaningful crisis framework. I won’t add any more spoilers if you have not read it. However, if you lead or are involved in a large business’s crisis or incident management process, this is a must-read for 2023.

BlackBerry AtHoc

BlackBerry's Resilient Crisis Management Platform

Next, the channel got a lot of engagement in my discussion with Andy Axelson. He’s a trainer for BlackBerry’s Resilient Crisis Management Platform. Andy shared his insights about the product, which strives to continue to innovate, and his journey to becoming a team member. As with other members of the BlackBerry team, he brought his wealth of experience and translated it into a love of the software. 

If you haven’t checked out the AtHoc platform yet, read my blog, which is one of the top features of the year so far. BlackBerry AtHoc’s Crisis Management Advantage shares my experience engaging with the software and why I think it is worth checking out. It was rewarding to talk to a vendor invested in providing a world-class product and working to bring the platform from largely governmental customers and make it available to the private sector.

Resilience Podcast Disaster Empire

Advancing Your Career

Rounding out the Top Three Podcasts of 2023 is an interview I conducted with my fellow Business Continuity Resilience Insurance Network (BCRIN) member, Jeff Sheckley. He’s a seasoned veteran of the industry. Jeff brings his knowledge to the discussion as an AVP Head of Operational Resilience at Unum Group. He’s an expert in Information Security and IT Risk Management.

However, Jeff also has a passion for developing talent. In my experience, this is a rarity in today’s managers and leaders. If you are starting in the industry or want guidance on upskilling your career, I am confident he would be happy to connect. He is a seasoned professional on the IT side of the house and passionate about resilience and risk management. Check out our conversation to learn more.

Resilience Podcasts

Other Related Podcasts To Check Out

Of course, please continue to engage with my content. However, I will suggest other disaster and resilience-related video podcasts for you. While the popularity of specific podcasts may change over time, these recommendations can still serve as a starting point:

These video podcasts cover various disaster-related topics, emergency management, and preparedness. To find the latest episodes and updates, you can search for these podcast names in popular podcast directories or platforms. Exploring newer podcasts that may have emerged since my knowledge cutoff is also beneficial to discover the most recent and relevant content. So, please share any you enjoy that I didn’t list in the comment section below.

Top Disaster Empire Podcasts

The Best So Far

Well, that’s a wrap on the Top Three Podcasts of 2023. It was interesting to take a look at the most watched content. Video podcasts offer a compelling multimedia experience, combining the engaging nature of audio content with visual elements that enhance storytelling, create deeper connections with the hosts, and provide additional context for discussions. They allow viewers to hear and see the expressions, gestures, and visuals associated with the content, making it a more immersive and dynamic medium for delivering information and entertainment.

If you haven’t subscribed to the channel’s content yet, I would greatly appreciate you taking a moment to do it now. By doing so, you won’t miss a new episode, and it helps YouTube to know you value the content. Your likes and share will allow me to grow it as well. This enables me to bring enhanced content to you and our peers. In the comments section, let me know what you have enjoyed and who I should interview next.

Honorable Mention

Finally, I want to share the runner-up for the top slots as an honorable mention. I conducted a virtual sit-down with a living legend, Harsha Sastry. We chatted about Continuity & Resilience from an Indian perspective. 

It was truly an honor to speak to Harsha. Not only is he the author of multiple books, but he is also an AVP Function Head for a Global Business Continuity and Resilience program. I had him on to share his latest book, The Continuity Moment Insight – The Catalyst in Your Resilience Journey, but he also authors a bi-weekly newsletter.

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