Top Three Blogs of 2023

The Best Blogs of 2023 So Far

Here are the top three blogs of 2023 as chosen by you, the readers. If you follow this blog, you know I started a retrospective review in 2022. Last year, I wrote about the Top 10 Disaster Empire Blogs and Top 5 Disaster Empire Podcasts on my YouTube channel. It is halfway through the year, so I thought I would share what blogs have piqued your interest most.

Reviewing the analytics report and understanding what drives you to read the content is always informative. Sometimes I am surprised by what all of you gravitated towards. Other times, like disaster reviews and forecasts, seem most interesting to my readers globally. Regardless, my goal is to provide you with valuable insights and relevant topics to practitioners in Resilience. 

Disaster Forecast

The Most Read Blog Of The Year

According to my analytics, you were very interested in reading my predictions on the Disaster Forecast 2023 in January. It makes sense as we are all doubling down on better understanding our risk exposure. In the article, I shared what hazards I expected to escalate into events over the year. Among the top picks were natural disasters, events related to the economic slowdown, and cyber attacks. We will see if I am provided right next January. 

Fortunately, Europe did not experience the disastrous events it could have. Instead, Europe entered 2023 with what meteorologists described as the most intense winter heatwave in history. This saved much of the region from being overwhelmed by record-high fuel prices precipitated by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. However, meteorologists are concerned that the mild Winter might spell disaster for the Summer. This is because reduced precipitation experienced in the Winter may lead to drought, less hydropower capacity, and issues for key riverways.

Blackberry Crisis Platform

Top Performing Critical Event Software

Next, I am thrilled you enjoyed the piece on BlackBerry AtHoc’s Crisis Management Advantage. It was my first blog partnership with this sponsor, and it was great working with the BlackBerry Athoc team. Even more so, providing a valuable service to my audience was great. Often, practitioners are inundated with vendor presentations at conferences or suffer multiple cold calls from our vendor partners. So, it was great to learn that you trusted me to be an avenue to bring you important information.

Additionally, seeing how a company like BlackBerry pivoted from being one of the world’s top mobile phone providers was wonderful. Today, they provide a cutting-edge software platform to combat cyber attacks and enable critical event management. Thank you for bringing your curiosity to the table. I value my audience immensely and appreciate you being with me on this journey. We all know how the right software can enhance or hinder our overall effectiveness, so it is great to know that partners like BlackBerry exist and are committed to Return on Investment (ROI).

Strategic Measures

Risk Management And Risk Controls

Finally, rounding out the top three blogs of 2023 is a piece on risk controls. Specifically, I wrote this blog for those who focus on business continuity. I aimed to provide an overview of the main risk controls for business continuity management. So, Risk Controls For Business Continuity provides a  no-nonsense but comprehensive overview of the topic, including what strategies to leverage.

I also discussed the trending resilience focus the website committed to for the past four years. Overall, I worked to tie the importance of prevention and preparedness to business resilience. Resilience gained traction in the industry and exploded onto the scene with the dual focus of boards on Organizational Resilience and regulators on Operational Resilience

Industry Trends

What Industry Topics Are Trending?

Business resilience topics that continue to be relevant and trending are:

  • Digital Transformation: Businesses increasingly focus on adapting to the digital landscape and leveraging technology to enhance their resilience. This includes cloud computing, cybersecurity, data analytics, and automation.
  • Remote Work and Flexible Workforce: The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote work and flexible work arrangements. As organizations navigate this new normal, discussions around remote work policies, cybersecurity for remote workers, and maintaining employee engagement and productivity remain crucial.
  • Crisis Management and Business Continuity: Preparing for and effectively managing crises is key to business resilience. Risk assessment, emergency response planning, disaster recovery, and business continuity strategies will remain important in 2023.
  • Supply Chain Resilience: The pandemic exposed vulnerabilities in global supply chains, leading to disruptions in many industries. Supply chain resilience has become a significant concern, and topics like supplier diversification, inventory management, demand forecasting, and logistics optimization are likely to continue to gain attention.
  • Sustainability and Environmental Resilience: With increasing awareness of climate change and sustainability, businesses prioritize environmental resilience. Topics such as renewable energy, carbon footprint reduction, sustainable supply chain practices, and circular economy principles are trending in 2023.
  • Cybersecurity and Data Privacy: As technology evolves, the risks associated with cyber threats and data breaches continue to grow. Businesses must focus on robust cybersecurity measures, data privacy regulations, incident response planning, and employee awareness training.

Of course, our industry is always evolving. So, staying updated with the latest industry news and research is always a good idea to understand the trending topics in business resilience better. 

Audience Appreciation

Here's To The Next Half Of The Year

Keep following the blog, as the trending topics will appear in future articles. Please drop a note in the comment section below and let me know what topics are most interesting to you. Your feedback will help me to prioritize content over the upcoming months. 

What did you think of the top three blogs of 2023? Did you read them all? Was a different post your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. You know I always like to hear from you. As always, I appreciate your ongoing support.

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