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The Resilient Journey podcast recently asked me to sit down for my take on articulating value for business continuity practitioners. The host, Mark Hoffman, is exploring some of the most significant issues facing organizations today. During our chat, I share some valuable tips that resilience professionals can incorporate into their program to demonstrate its benefits. I invite you to check out our discussion below.

Traveling Towards Resilience

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The Resilient Journey podcast talks with industry leaders about ways we can all be more resilient. If you would like to catch more of Mark Hoffman’s The Resilient Journey series with other excellent speakers, you can access them at Podbean. A special thanks to Mark Hoffman for the opportunity.

Mark  Hoffman, James GreenLisa Jones, CBCP, MBCI, Andreas Bryant, MBCI, Milena Maneva, and I are co-founders of the Resilience Think Tank. The group is providing guidance and research to the risk and resilience industry. We will be sharing more soon, so follow us on LinkedIn

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