Resilience Think Tank Launched

Resilience Think Tank Launched

I am excited to announce the Resilience Think Tank launch. Earlier this year, I was honored to be included by Mark Hoffman, MBCI, CBCP, in a thought leader group with James Green, Lisa Jones, CBCP, MBCI, Andreas Bryant, MBCI, and Milena Maneva. While considering the importance of Business Continuity practitioners and resilience, we realized that our collective voice could support others.

So today, I am beyond thrilled to share that we are launching the Resilience Think Tank. It is an opportunity to share insights and innovative ideas with our networks. The Resilience Think Tank is dedicated to providing guidance and research to the risk and resilience industry.

We are committed to ensuring diverse voices are included in making communities and organizations more resilient. I invite you to participate in this exciting new journey. Below is our Press Release, and I invite you to follow the Resilience Think Tank on LinkedIn.

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