Returning to the Workplace Amidst COVID-19

Podcasting on the novel coronavirus worldwide

I am pleased to share my second IFMA Podcast

Returning to the Workplace Amidst COVID-19 is a hot topic across the globe right now.  The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) – Boston Chapter, asked me to come back to speak to them about COVID-19.  This time, the topic was planning on how to return to work.  It captures our conversation from earlier this week.  Please join Jackie Falla and me as we discuss what facility managers should be thinking about as they work towards a safe return to offices and worksites. 

There are many challenges to returning employees to the workplace.   Reopening the workplace will be a more difficult task than it was to get everyone to work at home.  In this podcast, I discuss guidance and tips to help build a reopening plan.  Not only do I discuss triggers businesses should consider before bringing their personnel back but ideas for how they can successfully manage the process. 

FM Forward is a podcast brought to you by IFMA Boston and hosted by Jackie Falla.  FM Foward’s series deals with the rapidly changing landscape of Facility Management.  Each podcast focuses on how to manage risks.  Amazingly, this ended up being a timely choice due to the novel coronavirus outbreak that started in late 2019.  I am truly grateful for IFMA for this opportunity to share my thoughts on this important topic.

My first IFMA podcast on business continuity

If you enjoyed the Returning to the Workplace Amidst COVID-19 podcast.   You may have missed my first podcast with IFMA-Boston but I encourage you to listen to Facilities Risk: Business Continuity now.  Additionally, I welcome you to check out my other blogs on the Disaster Empire website.  Topics range from explaining disaster reliance and to Reputation Management After a Crisis Event.

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